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Rampage extreme V version qeustions

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Hello lads im building my new rig 5 years since i buildt my old rig but i need some serious advise on what parts i need to combine for best performance.

Here is what i have bought so far in parts


Chassi Phanteks Enthoo Luxe

2x140mm corsair ML fans front

2x120mm corsair ML fans bottom

1x140mm corsair ML fan back

Topmounted EKWB predator 360 push pull config 6 corsair ML fans should do the jobb , any other suggestions welcome for cooling.



GPU Evga 1080gtx FTW

Powersupply evga 1000G2

M2 samsung 950pro 512gb

SSDs 850pros raid 0

MB Rampage extreme V version 10

CPU i7 6850 prebinned and delidded @4.5 ghz 1.390v tested with

Cooler: Corsair H105 AIO Thermal Paste: Arctic MX-4

Im going to use team grizzlys conductonaut when i assemble it.


10 000 dollar questionis the memorykit to use ive been considering use this kit

Quad memory corsair dominator 64gb 3466cl16

Would like similar kits or better if someone have tested kits that work really well.


This Rig would be used for mainly gaming .


Regards Splash

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