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Found 2 results

  1. SLINKY PC H2o solution for ASUS WS C621E SAGE LGA3647 ($1,300+$100 international shipping, delivery 15 days) Why SLINKY PC?!! Because hardware-porn looks like... built by an artist after 8 months of testing....9 World Records 2D. Buyer will receive 7 Waterblock, 7 UNIQUE Pipes and 12 Memory Heat Sink. No Motherboard, CPUs, or ram will be shipped, and works only with ASUS WS C621E SAGE. Inlet-outlet as pictured (right to left or front to back) GPU/s water-cooling not included, 2 extra fittings or extension my require depends of your case/reservoirs/pumps/tubing design. I am not responsible for any leaks or damage of your hardware, personal tested under cooling target -20°C +50°C.
  2. The one and only SLINKY PC LGA 3647 SLIM Full Nickel waterblock for all ILM motherboards $200 + $37 international shipping. 3-Split-Flow Cold-plate on 100% solid copper base, low profile and secondary O-ring for ultra high flow. Hardware-porn looks like http://hwbot.org/submission/3856433 2x8180m @ 5232.42 MHz 650W dual processor @ 5°C (load)