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  1. Mi Micha,

  2. Hello Sir!


    I have posted a topic in Result Discussions and was removed.

    Regarding the new "fix" of 3DMark (Time Spy) validation, nothing changed and still possible to use LOD.


    Thanks for reading



  3. Hi websmile, the the rookie rumble 52's stage 1 submission seems broken, its looking for a data file to parse. But it won't accept the txt from the cb ranking folder or regular screenshots.


    Nobody is submitting stage 1 results for the aforementioned reason, please look into the issue thank you :)

  4. hi man, dont worry, I read ayour email as it is as you mentioned in message :)

    Ypu can check, I got almost 6 GHz validation with this Athlon:

  5. having issue cant post picture in for sale on item?? no option

  6. Hi, I wonder if you can clear up the rules for stage 6 on CC, I plan to run Ryzen with 1050ti and Timespy requires DX12 as you know, so is Ryzen allowed for this stage on Windows 10


    Many thanks


    Dragon Soop

  7. Submitted a post but it said needs to be approved by a Mod first, hoping you can help and this msg proves I'm no robot :)

  8. Hey, I know I messed up the validation on this one but I don't actually have the laptop anymore to rerun and I promise that I didn't modify the file in any way. Can you verify it or take it down? yosarianilives`s Cinebench - R11.5 score: 4.71 points with a Core i7 2760QM

  9. hello how can i get the GOC 2017 hardware who has this knowledge and when can i get the hardware

  10. Got it, thanks! Sent you an email with all the required info.

  11. Sent you a pm, I think you should be able to send and receive, if not drop me another visitor message :)

  12. What would you like submitted for verification/proof of hardware purchase? As i don't have PM privileges yet, what would be the best way of sending it to you?

  13. welcome back bud .. no rest for the wicked. ;>

  14. Hello, some time ago, Massman posted an excell file, list, I do not remember, where there was the hardware information that most awarded point in the league. Where do I find this again?