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  1. HWBOT GPUPI 1B Benchmark Validation Regulations

    http://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_-_1b/rankings?cores=4#start=0#interval=20 Why are 5x and higher listed at 4x category when we have categories from 1-8 cards for gpupi 1b?
  2. FS: Mobos and GPUs

  3. FS: Mobos and GPUs

    I wonder how long the fish will last 😜
  4. DDR3/ DDR4/ CPUs

    Thanks 🤘
  5. [WTB] Rare Adapters

    He has these as well 😛
  6. DDR3/ DDR4/ CPUs

    Final bump
  7. [WTB] Rare Adapters

    Christian Ney has a working CT-479, and he is on the brink of selling his collection. Might be a good idea if you contact him as he is a very reliable guy who sells stuff that works, which is quite important with old hardware
  8. EP45T-Extreme or DDR3 UD series

    I know Christian Ney has what you search - please try to contact him, I am pretty sure he has even more than one Extreme ddr3 board
  9. [FS][US] 6x G470, 2500k, 2600k

    With all respect to your sales power, but 4 open threads at same time are too much. Please merge some of these so you have two at maximum, this is because of push rules and overview at sales section. Thank you
  10. (FS)Asus Maximus Impact VI Z87 full box

  11. DDR3/ DDR4/ CPUs

  12. (FS)Asus Maximus Impact VI Z87 full box

    Last bump now - this thread is online too long now
  13. DDR3/ DDR4/ CPUs

    The Corsair and one G.Skill kit are still available, other stuff is sold
  14. Weird Forum names

    This is a constant problem, even after being offline for 6 or 7 weeks I see no progress on this. Maybe it should be put on the to do list at higher priority^^