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  1. Thanks! What's strange about the sata ports?
  2. FS: Galax 2080Ti oc lab

    Card is sold, can be closed.
  3. FS: Galax 2080Ti oc lab

    Since the cards are sold out I thought I'd give anyone who still wants a shot at GOC 2018 a chance. Card is treated with LET. Full retail package with waterblock included. Only tried it once on ln2, but card is good. 2565 time spy, http://hwbot.org/submission/3971840_rauf_3dmark___time_spy_geforce_rtx_2080_ti_18972_marks Price is 1750€ shipped in EU. Be fast, I will go on vacation on tuesday, have to ship on monday. Will add photo later today.
  4. There's only one other person in the world who knows, and I can assure you that person has not told you.
  5. Btw, my offer still stands. Aqua sli vs my tweak. Why don't you take me up on this? You got something to hide?
  6. Please do, but I can not get a higher score than this at this cpu speed. Even 250k is just impossible, if you can do 400k you have just found another cheat. So you'll just make a fool out of yourselves.
  7. Lol, on launch day 03 takes top, AND second place on front page... that's kind of stupid
  8. Not on my chip. But haven't had time to test best cores etc.
  9. Teamau envy is still strong! Buy actually I have considered revealing this tweak. If you reveal aqua sli "tweak" I will share this. Or maybe you are just throwing rocks while sitting in a glass house...
  10. No tool yet for forcing max clocks in old legacy benchmarks for 2080Ti