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  1. I agree, encoding h265 with avx is very stressful and may simply be the issue here. I can't say if there is a problem or not, not an expert on the subject nor will I pretend to be. Just wanted to include my experience with the subject. The 6700k finished benching fine and was shut down/ warmed up by me, did not realize it was dead until a couple weeks later. The 4770k died the day after heavy 4k testing while checking my temp delta between cpu and pot. Booted into the OS at pot temp of around zeroC / 1.35v core, cpu was dead 30 seconds later
  2. So Good ! Golden Giga Gummi-bears Gettin it FTW
  3. I believe x265 killed my golden caseking 6700k (#19: 99X1135 HWBOT Prime @ 1.90 V: 6627 MHz* 6th best out of 700 Price: 1000 €) ok part of benching. Then it killed a decent 7700k (L639Fxxx), frustrating but it happens. Most recently it killed my very first golden cpu (4770k L314B105) while benching for Country Cup. No more x265 4k for me on any cpu I care about
  4. XP Efficiency looks good, GJ Luumi, KPC and EVGA !
  5. Kpc Inferno socket heater

    If you really can't find one locally/cheap shipping I'd sell you mine, basically new but thermal pad cut to fit 1151 backplate Ship from US to RO is Very Expensive tho https://imgur.com/a/cV3nlll
  6. Yep, enjoying the live feed. Good job !
  7. Rules also state Score: The score is the frequency displayed next to the processor frequency under “Processor (CPU)” on the validation page Verification screenshot requirements: No screenshot is required So only real reason for screenshot is for addition check for comp