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  1. Tweaks for Pifast?!

    Spent countless hours searching for these tweaks, guess I should of just asked lol. They are out there if you search/read enough, using waybackmachine helps too
  2. Basically hybrid air and watercooled parts by Adata, using a 3m Novec like liquid https://www.anandtech.com/show/12704/adata-launches-xpg-spectrix-d80-ddr4-rgb
  3. How'd I miss this, Nice clocks for dumpster cards ! You're the new EEVblog https://youtu.be/5WlRm-ghuoA
  4. That's Dope, Happy Birthday man !Nice to see you pushin' the old hardware
  5. Nice ! These jellyfish sticks Hynix like the 2666-3600 retail kits ?
  6. I wouldn't really worry about i7 6 core with MOCF's VRM, other non OC boards sure. Now looking forward to the small chance the rumoured mainstream 8 core could work on Z170 MOCF I may actually have to put the heatsinks back on. lol
  7. Kics are you SonyHD ? Is that like me showing up on results discusions on hwbot non forum site as an Italian named HardMad ? lol
  8. Dice in a slim pot can be a disaster, nice job. That kit of psc can do 2666c8 tight (standard L0udSilence timings) 32m/waza on z97 OCF at 1.920v so I bet Jesse is using similar
  9. [EU] Msi 780 GTX Lighting or 980 ti Lighting

    You been looking for quite some time. Is EBay not an option for you ? Previous High end/Rare cards have finally started to come back, cards I haven't seen for 2 years even. Such as Mars, Ares, Matrix, Classy's, Kingpin, SOC and Lightnings. Here is what's available right now. I'm sure someone would be willing to help you out if purchasing on ebay or shipping is a problem
  10. Quad BBSE on ln2, Impressive ! Nice to see you back
  11. same thing here ! Also getting tired of explaining that hwbot user "HardMad" is actually GtiJason when I comment on subs