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  1. Great Success! Intel will replace my 5960X. I've just received SMS message with information about the delivery date. Many thanks to The Stilt and his solution!
  2. ICS scheduled another RMA so keep your fingers crossed.
  3. Today I played with The Stilt's solution again: Do you think this will be enough for a third RMA attempt?
  4. I'll post a photo with the result when I finish.
  5. Yes, I tried acetone nail polish remover without success.
  6. This was my second RMA attempt and again they refuse to replace the processor with the same excuse. The drama in this case is that actually the motherboard killed the processor. It is a common problem as you can see in this thread: https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?59257-5960X-dead-on-Rampage-V-Extreme If you run a google search you will find at least 5 threads with the same issue on all major forums.
  7. Here are my photos taken with 3 different devices (DSLR, mirorless and mobile phone): So think twice when you are intending to apply liquid metal TIM on your $1700+ CPU. I lost $1000 but it could be worse if that processor was 6950X.
  8. I've never RMA'd a processor till now. This is my first dead CPU. It died after regular restart to update my video card drivers. Very unexpected and sudden death. No extreme overclocking. I have friends who experienced the same problem but their processors were bought from a local retailer and their processors were replaced by the retailer despite the liquid metal marks. I bought mine from ebay.co.uk new in retail box. It was new unopened box from a regular ebay member (not store). That is the reason to send the processor directly to Intel.
  9. My motherboard killed my 5960x recently and I sent the processor for warranty replacement to Intel's depot in Netherlands. The TIM was liquid metal and that's why there is some residue and it is hard to read the batch code but it is visible if look from the right angle. Intel Customer Support said that the processor is sanded which is not true. Here are the photos from Intel and I'll attach mine later: Here is their statement: ------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr., After further inspection the CPU is being rejected as the unit has substantial impact by some means which appear to be sanding marks and is being shipped back to you under DHL XXXXXXXXXX. Please see attached 5 photos provided by our depot. For any questions please do not hesitate to contact Intel® Customer Support. Best regards, Intel Customer Support --------------------------------------------------- Anyone else disappointed from Intel Customer Support?
  10. The official HWBOT Team Cup 2016 thread

    Someone is waiting for the new Polaris cards to be released
  11. I accidently uploaded not my best result. Next time