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  1. Awesome! What NB volts/temps? I was around 1.7V and not sure on temp -40 to -50C.
  2. Also, it's 3:5, so it's actually running 1191C5. Which hypers can do easy. Still a nice run though, the SS must be strong to hold the temps!
  3. Fml, people. I just went through all the thread to start thinking about some of the issues, and I've managed to write a list of >30 different issues that people have mentioned. Some of them are related and some might be duplicated because I was getting confused. But this makes it hard to focus on any one thing. Will continue thinking through things and try to come up with some ideas/proposals at the weekend.
  4. I strongly disagree with some of these proposals. I'm going to think about it and write a full response next few days...
  5. Samsung DDR3 G-die

    I found some G.Skill G-die on Brainpower PCB (I think) and quick POST voltage testing seems to show they are better than all 14 of the 2GB OEM sticks I binned. XD They needed 1.88V and 1.91V to POST 2800C9 tight. No 32M passes yet though, idk wtf is going on.
  6. Bump. To clarify, there are 2x 2GB and 6x 1GB sticks available.
  7. Why no Cinnebench on win 10 with I7 4790K?

    Exactly what you said. The Windows RTC timer is manipulated by the bclock changing and causes timing + scoring issues. It works for all systems on Win7. Or for newer Intel (and AMD ? not sure here) it's fixed on Win8 + Win 10.
  8. Bump. G-die rejects added.