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  1. hello michael, sorry mate for opening my big mouth , but im not 1 to stand for garbage, i dont say much here at all but when i do i mean it, i dont try at all to incite trouble, and dont wish it to anyone, i just say it as i see it, i do know at times i should keep my big mouth shut, but it riles me up when i see garbage talk from people that all they do is cause havoc for the sake of it for simply no reason other than to be seemingly recogonised as a post/s of importance of some kind, when its not anything but shit, funnily enough all that its brought them is dislike, i thought i better to pm u than post in the forum




    all the best mate...shane

  2. hi michael

    mate can you delete my thread evga z97 classified please, theres no answer and doubt there will be, i looked but couldnt find how to delete it


    thx ozz (shane)

  3. hi michael, mate im not tryin to be a pain mate but seriously bot need fixing , 1 minute you can submit next you cant, i know youre busy and appreciate it, but mate, bot itself is becoming a joke, i think its time you and christian had a good talk about things


    regards ozz