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  1. I don’t think I was that high. Will be trying again later. Board was complete trash trash on air though, I can tell you that. Struggled to boot past 580 on chips I was booting easy 635+ on the Rampage.
  2. Oh. I searched high and low for this baby. Managaed to find 2 (other didn’t make it though).
  3. That's one strong Air result there on the board. Good board.
  4. Awesome Matt. Finally got that 8G you always wanted.
  5. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    I planned an operation around this whole thing, can you make it earlier instead of later? Cause I wont be lifting a Dewar after. Make it Friday the 7th, and everyone will be happy. otherwise, can someone fly to QLD and be my pour bitch
  6. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Damn you Alby, I got LN2 yesterday. How am I supposed to sandbag it now
  7. Nice one mate. I can't even get mine booting over 590mhz on chips I know can do much higher easy.
  8. Nah. Found on USB. Old cpu. Already beat you on water.
  9. 6 deg ambient can make any chip solid
  10. I thought my first one was junk (5.5-5.6g on -60 single stage), dude, you really lucked out on this one.
  11. I’m not following. Does this mean the Elmor supplier link bios, is different from the one on then Asus website?
  12. Yes. This let me boot at the multiplier I set in bios. When in OS, I cannot go over that multiplier using TurboVcore now. Only with XTU can I increase the multiplier clock. Not sure what I am missing, but with this bios, I cannot change with either my 8086k or 9900k, where the previous bios had no issue.