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  1. Did you only just find it on a USB?
  2. Does this guy ever get a background right?
  3. Will fix this one tomorrow too mate. Wasn’t sure if needed
  4. Nice man Think I have one of these in the cupboard. Should I see if it’s a killer too?
  5. Thanks mate, lots to work out. So back to pretesting and getting this RAM in order before I waste anymore LN2 and time.
  6. All final now? Just wanted to put a big thanks in for Gigabyte for their support of our scene. I hope moving forward manufacturers will come back to the Bot to keep us motivated. Love these low clock competitions and the highs and lows of the unknown. We also shouldn’t forget Seasonic, G.Skill, EK and Intel also. For or everyone else who competed, I hope you are all proud of your scores, and hope you all learnt as much as I did. This format can only make us all better benchers. Cheers
  7. Thanks Alva, been an amazing couple of months. Thanks to you too for being the one to push for. You are an efficiency machine.
  8. WOW!!!! That's totally insane!!!!!!! I was so stressed then, glad I got a little extra bench in before the end tonight. I'm with Nik, how'd you do it?
  9. It’s a new design. Single Stage water cooling. It’s what all the Germans use for cpu binning. :p