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  1. Awesome clocks in that long benchmark ! Insane ! Grats !
  2. Nice one, grats ! (Is there any Am2 cpu gives less fun than Phenoms... xD )
  3. OSiBS season 4 design thread

    I was reading the stages for this year and have to ask why You choose for example x265 in the 5. round. Don't want to offense, really not. Also I'm even not a competitor in any round yet just I'm curious what's the point in it. Other way, I wish proper benching for all of us guys ! Love to see Your scores in the first round !
  4. Did some spi32 runs with my new Am3 board. Alpi`s SuperPi - 32M score: 13min 38sec 422ms with a Phenom II X2 555 BE It seems a pretty good one. More to come !
  5. Nice ! Finally, there is some excitement in 3 core benching ! I should do some rebench someday.