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  1. hwbot "classic" rev8

    I have no strong opinions on which should get points and which not. Obviously I prefer benchmarks which integrate well with HWBOT, but no point in stuffing benchmarks down your throat. 😋
  2. hwbot "classic" rev8

    I shall make a poll whether inactive members should contribute to rankings or not, as it seems to divide the community. I'll also make one for which 3d benches need to keep global points. Are polls needed for hardware points too? Or is that fine as is?
  3. Why no love for hwbot prime? roast me!
  4. Semantics... Yes, will make poll soon. Not discussed yet. No clear winners so far, but there is a clear loser. I also selected other for hwbot prime... but I might just be a little bit biased.
  5. Please select which benchmarks should still receive global points in 2019. If a new one really needs adding, select other and specify.
  6. hwbot "classic" rev8

    Removing buggy benchmarks is fine by me, but is unrelated to the point algorithm.
  7. hwbot "classic" rev8

    Then do it in private.
  8. hwbot "classic" rev8

    No, this suggestion is not of me. I still think it's worth discussing as it means you are competing against active members. It's hard to see that as a negative.
  9. hwbot "classic" rev8

    Please explain because i'm a bit slow. If we had seasonal leagues since day one, you could see a legendary overclocker would take a top spot every year he was active. That's awesome. But in rev7 his legacy slowly declines as every year his records are beaten, and he has less and less points.
  10. hwbot "classic" rev8

    Well, the legends would not mind as they are not active. To be serious, if we had seasonal leagues since day one legends would never fade.
  11. hwbot "classic" rev8

    We are not talking about removing it from the ranking, nor from stripping points from the old submissions. What is under discussion is whether inactive members should receive member points / have an impact on team and country ranking.
  12. hwbot "classic" rev8

    I think this is an interesting idea. Why limit it to teams though? Why not base member & country rankings too on active members. They can't complain, otherwise they would be active. Computation wise it would not be that big a difference though, because the submissions of inactive members would still impact the rankings.
  13. hwbot "classic" rev8

    Practically, no. We could enforce it for benchmarks using the API, but not of manual submissions.