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  1. Most sexiest and powerful waterblock ever built. SLINKY PC LGA3647 was INTEL cooling choice for 28 core processor at Computex 2018 5.0Ghz with CB score of 7334 on Gigabyte System. NOW $250 + $37 international shipping.
  2. I’ll Do What I Can with this profile name.

  3. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Talking about reality... You guys just looking at me yesterday at Computex, part of me was on that stage.
  4. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    CATZILLA use of cpu 1% 7980XE vs. 77% 6950X. Check yours cpu score at Catzillla.com x299 x99
  5. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    MORE 3D 4LESS TWEAK - on sale for first to come
  6. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Hey Moderator, did you find this more orthodox "versus the competition" Let me have the right number you will accepted as WR
  7. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Just forget to mention need at less 50 vote to influence my decision. Dear moderator, is this what you call "unplugging stuff "?
  8. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    If decide to make a deal I will definitely add a symbol request just for you! FLOWER: ╭∩╮
  9. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    I personal thanks the boss to answer so fast. They ask me to prove one more how I achieve these GPU scores and will be unblocked. They promise never to told anyone except the moderators about my tweak. But isn't der8auer one of them? What about Vince (hahaha) becoming director artistic at HWBOT? What should I do? I don't know, I don't know, need your help, I should trust them or not?!!! You can vote here by reacting to this; 1. React... SAD for YES, release the tweak as they will never used. 2. React THANKS for NO... don't trust der8auer or anyone ever. Thanks for your support.
  10. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Removing a submission with no prove of bugging is a simple think, run a benchmark 100 times is money. Leeghoofd you are my choice, "the tweak" was pictured... replicate that $7,000 GPU. Don't say my 5k offer wasn't a decent one. BTW how long will it take you to duplicate "the tweak", even Nvidia waiting for your confirmation.
  11. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    This result don't have to be restored, I should be able to beat the king's result with a single card... waiting to get one. Regarding Alex, that's how will say Hello in Romania. One last think HWBOT Staff.... How can none of you say Thank You for sharing
  12. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Let's make it happen, when you come to Florida. I was wrong about 5k you did it for nothing Your Liquid Metal GPU Power-Mod is priceless for 2x Titan V dual NVLink http://hwbot.org/submission/3796173 As you can see, must try!
  13. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    I sold 2 rigs in the last 5 years (unique fans Australia/US). After eight presidential years of nothing, business sucks those days! I do what I can, build for a week then dismantle. Except this topic here... not a bad day at all, just sale a waterblock to EK-WB Comparing to most of the top at HWBOT I don't live from this, self employed any second of my life.
  14. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    You don't need a translation, just 2extra core to play with and drop same ln2 around. If Swift Transfer is new for you change your country... aria