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  1. overkill mode 3x or 4x should give you more. Try Priority Normal if fail :)
  2. Open multiple GPUPI (like 8 or 10) then run them at the same interval of time, faster you can on this case 3 Titan V. It will save your time for best result :)
  3. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Is this OK or is still calculating Benchmark Points (UMP)
  4. most efficient heater you can have in your room, need just 2v per cpu
  5. Need wait for HWBOT rev.8 for this...and 9 WR
  6. Very nice! WR get only 20 global points :)
  7. Negative, this is a server mb :) You get my best for those ES processors.
  8. thanks guys, dismantle process starts tomorrow.