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  1. It still doesnt change the fact that someone can spend more on ambient.
  2. You cant complain the ln2 cooling is not accessible because of money either. Its just a lie, if you benched ln2 on socket 775 chips you could gets loads of points vs an ambient watercooled setup with a 7980xe and a 2080ti. 7980ex water cooled system is going to set you back like £3000 with used parts ? ln2 is cheaper pot £200 dewar £600 2x 775 boards £200 ddr2 binned £50 10 binned cpus £200 a crap tier gpu to display things £10 Thats £1260 so you can get over 1000L of ln2 before its even close to an ambient system which is worth less points, but cost more, so you this is the same price as even a mainstream setup under water with 9900k and half decent modern gpu's like gtx580, hd7970. So you cant use split leagues by cooling because of cost as an excuse. Someone with more money on ambient can beat you just as easily as someone with same or less on LN2. You arent giving yourself and advantage by money, only reducing competition by number of people in league alone.
  3. Not everyone can get a medal, some have to be losers. Unless there is a law in your country saying you cant buy dice or ln2 then you are choosing to be slow. Its as simple as that. Its like turning up to and f1 race and saying, look guys i am only going to run 4cyl even though you are running v8, you should make my own special class so i can be a winner too. Why dont we just have a separate league for everyone, then we can all be 1st
  4. have you got any? they are pretty good compared to the newer cards.
  5. It was elite, extreme and enthusiast originally. Apprentice, rookie and novice were added in later. There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. 2 leagues Pro's Easier to manage Does not create arguments about who uses what cooling. Has good incentives to move to extreme cooling. Con's People will still argue what is classed as sponsored vs not, so this needs to be very clearly defined. Noobs may be overwhelmed at first with could put them off. 6 league Pro Noobs don't have to compete with extreme or people who have been on for years People who don't have access to extreme cooling can compete in a league with similar levels of cooling. Cons The is no incentive to go up a league, some people will get to the top of enthusiast or apprentice and not want to use better cooling because in there mind they are top and they would go down. Its like being king of the slums vs being the average Joe in the business area. It is also harder to explain and manage. Creates issues of proof of cooling etc. I personally think 3 will be best. Basically 2 league system with a rookie league that they are in for 6 months then automatically move out of. This solves the problem of the noobs feeling like the have been thrown in the deep end and there is just a set time period to move leagues, so nobody can argue about it and they is no questions of proving when someone joined as its in the database and run automatically.
  6. i know. i dont have any newer intel chips other than an i3 6320 any more unfortunately. had amd ryzen 1000 and 2000 series these past couple of times.
  7. As hwbot is always lacking in funds and staff, I think it would be a great idea if hwbot introduced micro transactions in an EA style where we can buy a few different items with real money. This would help support the platform financially and I think as gamers love them so much overclockers would too. My suggestions are 1) buying points in different leagues (hw masters points are cheaper than actually league points) 2) buying into the next league. Say I'm a novice who has never used Ln2 but I want the cool elite status, I could just pay to more up, say a set amount per league moved up, with elite being highest price and enthusiast being the cheapest. 3) buying a a submission to be kept in the database even if it slightly broke the rules, but isn't and obvious cheap. Think of it like a fine for accidentally cover the cinebench render window or using windows 10 on sandybridge. 4) early access to a competition so you can put your scores in before anyone else to make sure the right wallpaper is up etc. Gamers love beta and alpha testing so overclockers will do as well. 5) buying extra hours at the end of a competition so you can ensure yours is the last sandbag and nobody can sneakily beat you right at the last second. 6) buying a point boost in a competition to add 100 points to your score so you can just beat out that pesky guy who spent the extra time tweaking his ram!!! Such an annoyance these kids who spend their whole week tweaking ram cos they don't have anything better to do I think with the formula laid out above hwbot will be rolling in it in no time. Hwbot can start up the world tour 2.0 with mega prizes like rolls Royce, rolex watches, holidays, 3175x Xeons. Also they could get faster servers, have a full time dev team working on making the database work more effectively and full time paid mods driving lambos to moderate competition submissions. Would also like to hear any other suggestions people have that we could put micro transactions on! #makehwbotgreatagain
  8. i'm glad to see my thread has grown so beautifully. havent seen this many comments on a thread for a while
  9. No, you can't pay to bring other people down, that is negative, but you are able to pay for yourself or others to go up making them relatively lower, which would have the same overall affect.
  10. Yes this is a great addition to my plan. I like it!
  11. Life is pay to win. Just hwbot is loosing, when they could win. Look how rich EA is.
  12. Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    You should have gone to 0 competition point in that case because you didn't participate for the new team at all XD
  13. I would 2nd this. Vantage x in the team cup was great fun and is much better on new gpus than performance.
  14. Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    They don't because you only get points for the stages you submitted scores for. Say if your a noob and you join ocn half way through the team cup but you don't participate and ocn win, you don't suddenly have loads of points. If you join ocn and you sub to 10 stages you would get points for those 10 stages