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  1. i have 3 sticks and they are running in triple channel. i dont see an issue with this
  2. No it wasn't. I downloaded it on that day from the link of div 4 and it was the background I used. Why do you think so many people used the wrong one?
  3. Amazing but that wasn't the one that was linked in the competition when I or anyone else downloaded originally. Why don't you just make a announcement on the front page saying you messed up and all subs from now on have to use this background rather than deleting everyone's subs like cheats or criminals?
  4. Dood you clearly had the wrong link for background on the oc esports page..... You are going to end up deleting everyone subs. What's the point....
  5. I didn't.... I have used the same background for all subs downloaded from div 4
  6. [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    Technically it's still in Europe because we are still the same place. The EU is not Europe.
  7. [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    I don't have prime and I got mine for £120 shipped. Was just 3-5 day shipping
  8. Also if you haven't already try set your ram to 1.8v and tried boot 12-12-12-12-28 with trc at 56 and trfc at 240.
  9. You know the rad that isn't in the ice is probably warming up the loop. You need to put them both in ice really.
  10. ROG Crosshair VII Hero (X470)

    Has anyone else noticed that if you put the memory sticks in the opposite slots that they oc way worse?
  11. if you got some proper cooling on it, it would have been fine XD
  12. Hey you have a big dewar there, you going to sub some scores on Ln2?
  13. cpu limitation

    I hope not other some random apu nobody ever bought would win. Some might be per core scores though
  14. Trophies for challenger