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  1. I don't see a problem here The real problem is that about a half of my hardware isn't in HWBot database at all.
  2. Thank you! Now it makes sense. And you're just in time before I've taken my Aladdin Pro 5 off the shelf
  3. @Strunkenbold So, which non-Intel chipsets are allowed? Everything except Apollo 266 or only the ones listed on the stage?
  4. Facebook integration to be removed from HWBOT?

    I love this argument. No, got nothing. Doesn't mean I'll stick a webcam in my bedroom. And yes, Scotty did figure this was a joke.
  5. Facebook integration to be removed from HWBOT?

    As long as you don't send our likes to NSA, it's fine
  6. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Strangely enough, UCbench results give points though the whole benchmark was removed from HWBot. http://hwbot.org/benchmark/ucbench_2011/rankings?cores=2#start=0#interval=20
  7. Griffs Slot A adapter

    @TASOS More interesting over here: http://www.plasma-online.com/english/upgrade/tweak/fixes/fix_converter.html
  8. A bit late but nevertheless. P55 core (classic Pentium MMX) has two multiplier pins BF 1:0. Two pins give us 4 combinations and they are 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 3.5x - 133MHz (not presented in desktop CPUs), 166MHz, 200MHz and 233MHz. So anything over 3.5x on P55 is software rubbish (Pentium Pro has the same problem, BTW and maybe Klamath). But the CPU frequency should be O.K. As for unlocked - Intel started fighting with overclocking and cut down higher multis on latter P55 and some P54C. I suppose it has been done by cutting (or not wiring) the package (plastic or ceramic) to the core. Early samples didn't have this making all multi available. There is a number of things CPU-Z can be better (showing onboard cache like it did on old versions but stopped) we might want a thread for that. There's been only but maybe a separate for old hardware would be nice, sometimes it's hard to find a work-around working single as it requires different hardware...
  9. What's the point removing VIA Apollo 266 and leaving CLE266 (that's an Apollo 266 + Unichrome iGPU)? Considering SDRAM only. And Aladdin Pro V with SDRAM being allowed.
  10. здравствуйте у меня появилась проблема с регистрацией результата на futuremark.com

  11. Hey,

    Happy Birthday over there



  12. Keep benching mate :)



  13. Can I get contact information for you in Russia,please.