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  1. You have no idea how many water condensates with 95-98% humidity (which stays all the summer) and with +10-12 degrees from the tap. ZFeSS had to reinstall cooling every hour during previous OSBIS comp 😉 In America you chill water. In Soviet Russia, water chills you
  2. please add motherboard

    added: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/x399_sli_plus_ms_7b09/
  3. Please add this motherboards to database =)

  4. They are Chinese. Try Ebay, they've been there some time ago. You have to be well experienced in hardware to make use of them. They require certain knowledge and sometimes mods.
  5. Excellent result! These GPUs are still CPU bound even in 2018. PITA.
  6. Outstanding score, no less! Great work, Kotori-san!
  7. So you're upgrading logic analyzers now? Nice to know. The bigger problem here is not the FSB (either the board supports 266 and it'll use it or if it doesn't, it should boot at 200. Mod only needed if it'll boot lower than 200 FSB), but the Penryn core. Your T7500 is Merom so an upgrade to X9100 requires Penryn support from MoBo. It might boot if unsupported but sometimes it won't. DFI with Award didn't boot without supported BIOS version, Asus with AMI BIOS did work.
  8. Hello, old friend! Long time no see. I've got an article covering BSEL mods here: https://overclockers.ru/blog/antinomy/show/10241/Razgon_Intel_Xeon_Pentium_M_Celeron_M_Core_Mobile But there's only Socket M which is a bit different. Though gives a remind how it works in general. As for your case, I doubt it will work. GM965 had official support up to 200MHz. The problem here is the clockgen. Most likely it has straps only up to 200MHz but might be able to clock higher with software. I really doubt the clockgen has a 266 strap support but you could try to find a datasheet and check it out.
  9. Please add this motherboards to database =)

    Added: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/j1800nh3/
  10. Please add this motherboards to database =)

    Added: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/m7sxd/
  11. Please Add GPU

    Added: http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/adreno_308/
  12. Correct it

    Don't report this here, this is not for results moderation. Use the report submission function. Yes, there's a bug, the team is working on it.