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  1. FS: Mobos and GPUs

    What inside in OC Fish ? Saddly I don't know nothing about its OC Gear
  2. Moving sale round 1

    Is it possible to moove out plastid from SR-2?
  3. SUPERFAST ))) Need 250K score LOL
  4. 50k !!! My congratulations =) Very nice and rare videocard )))
  5. Nice waterset )) What is the temperature of water coolant?
  6. I think guys have nothing to do. By the rules on screenshot in the utility CPU-Z - Pluto in all cases . My Google translate is tired of translating your polemic LOL .
  7. There is no Orion die, there is a Pluto which is identical to the previous one. Orion is purely a marketing name for models 900-1000 MHz, so Pluto=Orion, so => there is no difference in silicon.
  8. Impressive :-0 I see on CPU-Z ES CPU, are the both Engineering sample? Does the server board allow you to change the FSb settings? What are the opportunities in UEFI? Can I read or watch it somewhere?
  9. 1-st April, Retromaining Project

    To all miners is dedicated [
  10. P4P800-SE vmem mod over 3.3v for Winbond BH5

    Good Job ))
  11. What are you listening to ?

  12. Universal Delid Tool INTEL & AMD

    Wow ALL in ONE tool ))) Great