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  1. not possible on any Z270 motherboard, only some Z170 motherboards with old bios's can do this.
  2. Moderator change

    sad to see you leave Michael, you have been very fair IMHO and a great moderator in general from what i have seen in my relatively short time here on the bot, Alby i've seen you stepping it up in past months and you'r doing very well so please do keep it up! Also to you and the remaining staff if help is needed reach out, i'm not in a position to volunteer necessarily but i know there are others active on here that may be willing to help so if help is needed it can i'm sure be found! best to everyone and I hope the OC scene can continue to be a fun and interesting hobby for everyone that participates!
  3. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Official Thread

    great comp everyone! I really enjoyed learning the ropes of LN2 on small pascal cards and look forward to and am more comfortable with trying on bigger cards in the coming future as a result! now if only the miners would go away so gpu prices can become realistic once again..
  4. lol pretty sure its his daily rig someone linked a video he posted earlier
  5. ^^^ its tricky getting these cards past software/bios limits on the clocks.
  6. Only if the driver doesn't recover yeah
  7. i think the context of that rule change is for clock limited comps but it indeed does help with benches like this one that will bug out scores if you crash during a run and the only way to tell for sure that someone didn't crash out is if the gpu freqency monitoring is visible thru end of the run at full clocks at least on nvidia cards because if you do crash you ether loose the driver altogether and have to reboot or in many cases the driver recovers and your card is back at stock clocks but power state will stick if you forcing a higher power state (k boost etc)
  8. after this 1030 shit i need an epower in my life.. nicely done now that you got the mem clockin
  9. re-runs in progress.... F1 pot on evga card now.. wish i had done this before this card is much better on both mem and core.
  10. yeah it does but its the only one that can also benefit from more cpu / memory system performance a good amount sense gpu use goes up and down constantly with the high FPS
  11. It looks like a crash out at very end of nature, i had this happen to me once and resulted in a slightly inflated nature fps and couple thousand point boost. GT1 score is boosted due to very good cpu/mem efficiency sense that sub test is the only one CPU limited on these GPU's, really solid run otherwise!