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  1. Yup, Corsair is quite good for GPUpi. I've been using them forever
  2. Well done! First time sub 15s on AMD
  3. That doesn't look like LN2 on the cards ;) Well done!
  4. That efficiency! @Splave time to rerun on 2.2
  5. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Running cards without power? Interesting tweak you've got there, teach me more of your ways!
  6. Nice1. These rankings are getting crowded mate
  7. Amazing score! What are jellyfish sticks?
  8. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    What happens if we react with HaHa, do you quit OC?
  9. WTB:USA: i7-7700

    Define "abuse"? Mine has been under LN2 for a bit just to get memory clocks higher and is delidded.
  10. Solid core clocks but RAM frequency should go higher?
  11. Such a nice setup and you're even recycling, epic.