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  1. Source : OpenBenchtable.com Blog Feel free to discuss the details in this thread ! Cheers !
  2. We know you have been waiting for quite some times now ! New Stock of the Open Benchable will be available on April 10th 2018 at : https://openbenchtable.com/stock/ Stay tuned for more !
  3. OBT stock levels

    @marcoliu / @unityofsaints The restocking is in progress. New stock & order will be ready next week
  4. OBT stock levels

    @unityofsaints Indeed there was a stretch due to Chinese New Year. We are expecting the stock/shipping to be back before mid-April
  5. User BC1 Builds

    Very nice build indeed ! I love to see the full size VGA on the Mini.
  6. User BC1 Builds

    p0pe even won the Dreamhack Winter Mod Challenge with the OBT
  7. Open Benchtable

    Thanks for the update
  8. BC1 Mini Power Supply size

    SFX/SFX-L only on the Mini - Thank you for pointing this out It is edited
  9. HWT2017 Sao Paulo - NO livestream

    No stream for the OCWC final as well. Strong lack of support by the community that is supposed to care about this.
  10. Survey: Hardware detection software usage

    Closing this thread. More to come.
  11. Insulation mattress for Extreme OC

    Closing this thread. it is available on the new forum.
  12. @WhiteWulfe Any chance you post this topic on the new forum ? https://community.hwbot.org/forum/177-open-benchtable/
  13. OBT / BC1 mini

    The Screw Kit is planned to be a regular items indeed that was a major request from the community !
  14. OBT / BC1 mini

    https://openbenchtable.com/news/introducing-bc1-mini-small-form-factor/ Now available in Silver, Black, Red