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  1. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    The 10 bucks debate has been done a few times over the years. Issue is that some just want to pay to keep the site alive, others think they bought a 50% share and start asking for removal of benchmarks, start to interfere with moderation/competition setups,... I need to dig up the thread where you can donate freely to Fred's paypal addy to reduce costs... At the moment the BOT is a ship with major problems and the 3-4 man crew is trying to keep first the boat afloat. Secondly steer it away from the incoming iceberg and last but not least in the mean time still find energy to save some out of the water... Everybody knows what the issues are, biggest problem is how to resolve all these in a short period as possible. Fixing is one thing, though the algorithm and co have become so complex as Strunkenbold explained, it looks more like fix one thing break two... Frederik is trying to get most stuff sorted after his daily job is done and keep this in mind we are all volunteers, doing this in our free time and totally for free... Thx to Michael for helping me out once in a while...
  2. [FS] [IT+EU] 8700K 5,1@1.35

    Picture of the cpu with your name required + the price
  3. Incorrect Geekbench3 multi score

    try submitting straight via the esports page, you have a valud FM link etc ???
  4. First attempt i5-6600k

    Yes your 6600K CPU is not even average... cold will aid it to go further though don't expect miracles as you already delidded it
  5. 21 minutes full pot for one run to gain a a 0.01 in score, yeah
  6. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Thank you for another constructive input... at least we provide you plenty of opportunities to ventilate... Aussie style
  7. plz add verifaction link for the Challrngers competition
  8. Incorrect Geekbench3 multi score

    I linked it to the competition mate
  9. Incorrect Geekbench3 multi score

    lo mate, did you properly fill in the right score 22608, I edited your 1935 score in your submission and now it is properly listed in Rookie Rumble 22608 divided by 6 cores (8600K) makes 3768 points per core in the geekbench stage