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  1. This was the waterblock used at the Cinebench R15 28-core intel demo a couple days ago? 😮
  2. There's no way to overclock the bclk on your mobile platform Only thing you can do on the 5200U is use throttlestop to disable power saving features, enable constantly max turbo multiplier and in general have it pushed to its maximum factory settings all the time. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/the-throttlestop-guide.531329/ It's been a long time since I've last used it so I don't remember all the settings but the guide should be sufficient enough. If you can't change the maximum wattage allowed and you need to change it for some reason, you can use Intel XTU. I don' think it's needed though. Also if your laptop doesn't have an SSD for whatever reason, please install one, it makes a massive difference.
  3. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    It's not supposed to 😛
  4. Tweaks for Pifast?!

    Another thing I've found about pifast (Stelaras has confirmed it too) is that if you use a really really chopped up windows xp, you actually make it worse. A 150MB Win XP installation is perfect, no less though.
  5. Tweaks for Pifast?!

    The easiest way to run pifast in real time priority, is to run the hexusFastR shortcut from the rar I've attached No need for PriFinity, Lasso, or any of those tools. Other than that, PiFast pretty much likes what SuperPi does. Priority, affinity, lighten the OS a bit, RAM timings, sometimes also maxmem and a simple copywaza (depending on the platform). Put a folder on desktop that has 700MB files inside, or 1GB, whatever you like and just copy it once to C, then run it multiple times until you get "the best" score. @Leeghoofd is right about the win7 thing too, I've noticed that sometimes, pifast is faster on windows 7 on some platforms. For all the older processors I bench though, I use Windows XP of course. hexusFastR.rar
  6. [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    Wow, props to you for all this DDR2 binning, damn! Any tests on 4-4-4-12 or even 4-4-4-4 for SuperPi 32M with your best kits? They'll need a bit more voltage of course, 2.2V is too low. My PC2-8000 Cellshocks (D9GKX) could do 600MHz 4-4-4-4 32M @ 2.5V and 630MHz 4-4-4-4 1M @ 2.65V but unfortunately, after all these years, one stick has died It was nothing spectacular, there were much better DDR2 kits out there, but it still hurt 😛 I think up to 2.4-2.5V is relatively safe, I'm sure I destroyed my RAMs by feeding them 2.75V+ at some point.
  7. With G470 I only benched on win7 as well because I was bored I was so tired from all the x265 and XTU benching (was trying for days) so I went through the rest of the benchmarks in a few hours
  8. This tweak only helps a little bit. Most of the efficiency derives from the OS. Vista is not always the fastest, you need to try XP too, depending on the CPU.
  9. Congrats dude! Is the new version of x265 much faster than the previous one clock per clock?
  10. [FS] [RO EU US] Watter Chiller made by Nachtfalke

    wow poparamiro sad to see you leave overclocking dude Good luck with the sell of the chiller, it's a beast no doubt!
  11. Ugghhh I just didn't have enough time to bench wprime properly on the G470. Basically you need to find the best OS for wprime, and also put wprime.exe in different places. Put one wprime.exe on the desktop, one in C, one in D etc. Start the one that you have on desktop and bench it again and again until the score can't improve, then close it. Start the wprime.exe that's located in C, bench it again and again until the score can't improve, close it. Start the one that's located in D, same procedure. One of these wprime.exe will always give a slightly better result than the others - just a tad better, it's not a supertweak or something After several tries you'll eventually get a good score
  12. Look what I bought "New"

    Damn what a nice find! Tough board though... I recall that the best X58 boards were the R3E and R3E BE. No fsb wall, easy to bench, both boards were flying on LN2! As Tasos said, the Bloorage needs to be hardware modded and you also have to use an IDE HDD with really high pcie in order to achieve these FSB numbers.
  13. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Damn dude, I haven't been following hwbot for the past 2-3 months due to work, haven't benched anything! I was amazed though that you managed to get 81 points in XTU and that f*cking 0.61 in x265 I must have had like 30 runs at 80 marks for XTU, I tried everything! In the end I told my self that it was not possible to get a better score with 109MHz bclk, you would need even more. You've found the ultimate G470, congrats, nice runs My G470 unfortunately only works with single channel now, so I imagine the IMC got hit hard by all this pushing I did
  14. Happy new year

    Happy new year everyone! Health and happiness for all