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  1. Καλά πάνε οι καινούριες μνήμες ε; :D Ωραίος Βάγγο!
  2. Any pics and videos of the event? Seems you had some fun
  3. Asus Crosshair V formula-Z / Hypers

    I've been looking for quite sometime on ebay, only seen some Corsair 2000 CL8, nothing more. Maybe I'm just not looking correctly
  4. [WTB] Elpida MGH-E or MNH-E Hyper DDR3

  5. [WTB] Elpida MGH-E or MNH-E Hyper DDR3

    Looking for some good ol' Hypers so that I have some fun with X48 & X58 EU only because of stupid customs... I'm located in Greece and of course I'll cover the shipping costs.
  6. και 3D στο SS, δώσε πόνο λέμε :D
  7. ola ftiazoun otan to cpu einai sta krya
  8. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    I strongly agree too!
  9. Welcome to the subzero club Vangelis :D
  10. It says single vga single gpu only, so the 6600GT Dual and all that are probably out?