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  1. I can't get 110+ bclk but I can get 7'20'ish at less than 108 mhz :P
  2. Maximus II Formula socket 775

    well it tells and dont tell generally speaking, only generally, good batches have low Vid, but it ain t always true... i ve had similar results on water/chilled water with chips know of good batches with Vid ranging from 1.1625 to 1.28375, going through all sorts of intermediates. low Vids tends to heat up more when pushed in voltage, hence they will enjoy LN2 ! but pros will tell you better than i do
  3. Maximus II Formula socket 775

    Price update
  4. One Kit sold. PI 2000C7 remaining
  5. Asus Crosshair IV Formula

    Selling my C4F + io shield. Working fine, never pushed very hard. Came from a 24 daily before me. Pcb is somewhat bent near cpu socket (due to tight.heavy heatsink I presume) but was like this before and now, and does not affect functioning 70 eur excl shipping Shipping within Europe
  6. I am not sure to understand your question, but 4th image shows the 2400 c8 "supertight" which passes spi32m at 1.81 V on both sticks. one stick is less good than the other, it is 1.77 and 1.81 V (40 mV difference at 2550 and 2600, and at 2400 I suppose about the same)
  7. For sale two kits of G.skill DDR3 rams, good for Ivy bridge and fine with Haswell. - Kit#1 : G.Skill PI 2000c7, PCB KO8117, 2 x 2 Gb * SPi32m 2400 C8 "super tight" 1.81V * SPi32m stick#1 2550 C8 "tight" 1.85V * SPi32m stick #2 2550 C8 "tight" 1.89V * SPi32m both sticks 2550 C8 "tight" 1.89V and they do 2600 CAS8 "tight" at separately 1.87 and 1.91 V, and both at 1.91 V (not screened, will redo if you insist). - Kit #2 : G.Skill Trident 2000c9, 3 x 2 Gb * SPi32m stick #52 2400 C8 "super tight" 1.83V * SPi32m stick #51 #53 2400 C8 "super tight" 1.87V Kit #2 SOLD Prices: Kit#1 - 50 euros excl ship Kit#1 - 60 euros excl ship Shipment within Europe
  8. Core2Quad Q9550 socket 775

    please move to finished sales
  9. Core2Quad Q9550 socket 775

    removed from sale, will keep for my first LN2 tests when the day comes
  10. well, I shouldn t give you all the good tips hum, but your ram surely can be optimised better than it is. if you have a memset screenshot, send it
  11. thanks for sharing that your Vcore seems fine, I ran mine at 1.68-1.72 V depending on the mood, same L845B batch. your cooling kills, clearly. -90c underload seems great here on chilled water, it goes to 40C or so underload, starting at ~5C
  12. it is no fun when guys with big DOD SS LN2 come in
  13. yeah crazy to see you do fsb every 5 Mhz and never anything in between I am glad you don t like tweaking but with your chip you should be able to get in spi32m top3 scores, probably #2. I can do #5 with 150 Mhz less than your frequency... what are your full 4-4-4-4 28 timings? your d9gmh ram won t do trfc 20-21 ? your chip has a Vid of 1.15V, which is very nice. would you have the batch number? I ve had L847C Vid=1.1625 and currently L845B Vid=1.175V, but on air/chilled water they heat up too much (more leakage current perhaps?) and are less stable than those with higher Vid, (1.23, 1.25, 1.26, 1.28, batch L828b, L835B, L845B, L846B) which heat up less. Low Vids "should" be better on cold, a bit like yours i d say...
  14. is that one? http://hwbot.org/submission/3885200_tagg_cpu_frequency_core_2_quad_q9550_4780.55_mhz