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  1. Hi man, Sale is underway with Razer. Nut let me see if I have some other similar ram if you are not too much in a hurry ? Shipping to Italy would be 6eur not insured not tracked, and 9.5 insured to 45eur and tracked. ++
  2. i already benched 3 scores on div2 with the wrong background... I started benching for with div2 which showed no background in any of the stages, so picked up the one I had linked on our team webpage beginning of May (thinking there was one background for all...it happened to be the pro oc series background...), then moved to doing div7 scores with the same background.... am I screwed as well for my 3 div2 submissions ? (Ps: I have one sub left on div7 you have not removed from oc-esports, the cbr11.5 please do so...). hopefully, I can equal or beat my previous scores for div7 :D. for div2, I can redo them though since I sold the i5... I am looking forward to learn more about the background becoming a vital part of compos. thanks for your dedication anyway. good day
  3. for those who used pro oc background instead...? does it matter that much ? I thought the background idea was to make sure submissions were dating from the competition period, not before or after... in fact I had no clue till now there were 2 backgrounds available ....
  4. no background posted for div2. i guess some people either used one or the other ? http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/roadtopro_challenger_season4_division2_round2/4282/3dmark_-_fire_strike_extreme
  5. [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    why looking into P45 for fsb > 630? that s only applicabvle to c2d and p45 is not the best for c2d ? imo ep45 can do very well c2d 45nm, but for the rest, X48... (for p4 is another story too)
  6. [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    Hi Nice bunch of rams man Are your testing max frequency-like tests, or did you try spi1m / 32m oat the frequencies / latencies? you may want to look into 5-5-5-5 2T trfc = 30 or less timings, applicable on D9 chips I guess they can do at 2.3 V above 620-630 without trouble.
  7. 4790k Europe

    275, man you want to buy at super low prices, but sell at super high prices non tested (poor performing) cpus ?
  8. I had 1st with 792cb but had to push it further one step after another
  9. unless going cold, it won t give me more... but it is pretty good indeed
  10. another "strange" thing: how can the GFX and CPU scores be much lower in his case while C1-c9 scores are about the same as me, and yet the aquamark score is higher than mine? I dont know how the CPU and GFX scores are calculated.... but I guess the overall score is based on the C1-C9 average fps Stermy57's Mine
  11. oh man, it is about the right fsb and ram coefficient. i tried a bunch of different cpu on the same board to have various fsb and ram. I guess the chipset timings when available are important too here is for instance a case where I can t figure out why he is scoring better than I do whikle my fsb, cpu frequency and ram frequency are higher or equal but the ram coefficient is different... http://hwbot.org/submission/2778526_stermy57_3dmark2001_se_gma_3100_(g31_g33_q35_q33)_16251_marks http://hwbot.org/submission/3784987_bolc_3dmark2001_se_gma_3100_(g31_g33_q35_q33)_14766_marks