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  1. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    if you edit the sub and retype: maximus vii i does not it list the maximus vii impact ?
  2. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Hi. dual scores for the same 775 socket spotted for uUkraine in the gpupi1b stage5 contest. http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/hwbot_country_cup_2018/4419/gpupi_for_cpu_-_1b_-_single_core_cpu_-_3_subs_required
  3. mcss service needs to be on, and after a pc reboot, it is fine ! (multimetia class scheduler service) if you have the same pb, might be useful !
  4. 1151 v1 (6xxx 7xxx?) and v2 (8xxx 9xxx?) are currently unified under one category only it seems
  5. Hi Folks, struggling with this guy, which does not allow to set the absolute mode on my rig for some reasons. ever had the sisue? http://hwbot.org/benchmark/hevc_h.265_decode/ thanks
  6. met toi en x6 et sur c2d e8x00, tu vas poutrer bien au delà ;)
  7. for the time being, your adata don t handle 540+ cas4 ? won t be as good as 650+ cas5 but not far... Ps: do you play with clock skew for cpu and mch. there are some magic numbers same with mch ref and cpu gtl ref
  8. the ram will do what it can. imo, not achieving high ram frequency has to do with the chipset not handling high fsb and ram frequency but not the rams. otherwise i had a ep45 ud3p which would not do x 2.4 B (strap333) cas5 with fsb of 540+ ish so had to do 540+ cas4, but another board has no pb doing x2.4B cas5... which mch, mch ref and ram ref voltages do you use ? 690/720 cas5 (tight?) at 2.3 V is sweet ! really. see if they can do spi32m, nonetheless, very impressive.
  9. too bad I don t live around, i d do it for free, well after borrowing your cpu
  10. removing socket notches is easy, but making holes in the cpu pcb is fine too, but is a bit more risky for the cpu if you never did this before. the cpu is more rare than the board so you might want to do the board instead but but for a 3014, a REX is likely better, series 3000 are compatible with x38/48, so if you plan to REX it later, you may make notches. as far as you need to go :
  11. nice score mate hwbot seems down but am curious about those ddr2 ram not behaving as you want. we can chat avbout ddr2 timing if you want (and if you have d9gmh khx chips)
  12. that d be great any sample taking dust on your cabinet to sell?