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  1. i7 9530K Core Problem

    I have the same MSI board and CPU whats your core speed out of curiosity. The reason i ask is i have been experiencing some issues recently, for example my core speed is stuck at 1119.7mhz and my multiplier won't go over x12, but my cores 6 threads 12 this is in CPU-Z.
  2. Hi all well new to OC and not that i am looking to overclock but, my pc seemed as though something was not right so i started digging around here and in the bios and cpuid etc etc and what i found was that my cpu is stuck at 1.2ghz and its clock multiplier is stuck at x12. Spec as follows Mobo. MSI X99A Godlike gaming CPU. I7 5930K GPU. GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 980Ti VR Ready Cooling. Predator 360 Ram. Corsair dominator 32gb Power Supply: OCZ ZX Series 80 Plus Gold Drives: Samsung SSD's 1tb with OS Win10 64, Samsung 500g plus 3 Intel SSD 40g, 150g, 250g, no raid config. Build date new from May 2016 Carried over from previous old PC was the power supply and all drives except for the 1tb samsung ssd. Any appreciated as i have a headache now, i am new to this so be nice please and explain things in easy to understand little words lol.