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  1. That's the point of the revision, to simplify the code so that it actually works
  2. Damnit, now I have to bench my chip. Good job man, absolutely mental clocks.
  3. Then globals should be pulled from those benches.
  4. If there's a wrapper then we'll need to drop all old scores as they won't be comparable to scores on the version with a wrapper.
  5. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Yeah changing in the middle of the week is not a bad idea, and my comments about sandbags were more towards those saying we shouldn't do background changes...
  6. I'd put anything pre-dx11 as legacy, which for globals no card pre-dx11 would get points anyways so I don't see how it'd be a problem to drop globals for benches that even I can figure out how to glitch.
  7. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Naw I like this change of background, sandbags are stupid. Tbh it'd be awesome if there could be a background change every day of the comp, but the overhead would be too much. Seriously guys, how hard is it to download the new background on the same laptop that you use for taking notes while benching? If you're not sandbagging then this is no big deal. Really sandbagging is stupid, if you're worried about people beating your scores then make bigger scores. Sandbagging only hurts competition.
  8. If we vote on 3d I say we drop all legacy, waaaaay too easy to cheat on those unless someone wants to make a wrapper and drop all old scores.
  9. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    You are answering a different question than we have been asking this whole time. Does an AM3 cpu in an AM2+ motherboard count as an AM3 or an AM2+ Motherboard reference frequency score for purposes of the comp. So hypothetically is it that I can run an AM2, AM2+, and AM3 chip all in a GA-MA790x-UD4p and count them as 3 seperate scores because the cpus are seperate sockets, or would they all count as AM2+ as the motherboard is AM2+.
  10. Even that is too complicated, just make it Rookie and Enthusiast league with no cooling limitations at all so that the only thing that determines league is time on the bot. If you're able to drop 50 hardware golds and take half the global firsts in your first 6 months of OC then you deserve to be top of the rookie league no matter your cooling, etc.
  11. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    The database already has all motherboards listed by socket. Seems like it'd be pretty damn easy to do the results by the socket that a motherboard is listed as using rather than the one that the cpu is listed as using.
  12. So since sponsorship doesn't really matter and cooling is almost impossible to verify I think the real question is why do we have leagues? Enthusiast league has always been about who can pretend that they aren't dunking their rad in ice the best. Apprentice league is kinda silly as it's just extreme league jr., rookie/novice league is the only split that makes any sense as it's pretty damn easy to verify how long someone has been on the bot. So my proposal is 2 leagues, Rookie and Enthusiast, with no cooling limitations in either. You start out in rookie league and after you've been on the bot for so long you bump up to Enthusiast league. Splitting leagues by cooling is silly at this point and introduces undue administrative overhead.
  13. This is already the rules. Only current gen ES puts you in elite.
  14. ale belo - FX-8320 @ 7547MHz - 1208 cb Cinebench - R15

    Thanks! I will use the elmor tool then as my C5F gave up the ghost after last session so it's on to my C5FZ
  15. Intel IGP bioses

    At least now we have M10A, I'll have to keep looking for M9A as I didn't find it in that thread. At least I'm one step closer