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  1. I would say you can assume the ICs will be the same as normal rgb ram. You also will probably want to avoid these for all but max mhz for the same reason as the normal rgb. Looks like a new hs on an old pcb.
  2. [WTB] FM1 Combo.

    I don't have one for sale myself, but I know that they're not too expensive on ebay. If you look around and are patient you can usually find the board and cpu for relatively cheap.
  3. My experience is the sandy IMC is pretty variable, I have a 2600k that does 5.6 but won't do above 105.8 bclk on mem, and I have a g470 that will do 108.4 at the 2133 divider. Although most will start dropping off by 109, and you'd be hard pressed to get to the high 109s.
  4. ice water = chiller, welcome to apprentice league my friend
  5. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Oh I agree with you, I was mentioning not sharing actual cheats. And I can say it's way more than 10% in 3dm03 But for things that are actual tweaks, like potentially whatever Slinky has done (not gonna rule on tweak or cheat until we know for sure what he did), I'd like if people shared those. I think all the info that is out there for superpi or 3dm01 is a great example of how we can grow the community by sharing our legitimate tweaks. But I do definitely agree that cheats like what I (and probably others) found in aqua and 3dm03 probably shouldn't be spread, no matter how pissed off we are about a bench.
  6. Tweaks for Pifast?!

    On a single core cpu the extra load of process lasso will equal a net loss. On a multi core cpu you set the affinity for pifast and every other process to seperate cores, then you can also set the launch priority of pifast. If you're on a single core cpu and just want to increase the priority then you can follow the steps here to edit the batch file https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Program-Start-at-High-Priority-(Windows) for multi core systems process lasso should be better as you can also set the core affinity.
  7. Tweaks for Pifast?!

    Not that much data in here on pifast but a little, it may help. https://www.reddit.com/r/overclocking/wiki/hwbot/2d As for realtime priority, you can use process lasso or something similar to set affinity and priority for pifast before it launches.
  8. "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Eh, that's not really a big deal. IMHO as long as two people aren't subbing with the same piece of hw then it doesn't really matter who technically paid for it. I for one enjoy seeing server results. I do however wish people were more forthcoming with tweaks instead of hoarding them. Sharing info will only help the community grow, and hoarding secrets about OC and benching will only make new members frustrated. Of course if the tweak is a cheat and not a legal cheat then perhaps it shouldn't be shared, that's why for example Leeg has asked me not to share everything that I know about ways that you could make aquamark and 3dm03 score higher. But if it's a tweak then may as well share with the community. Who cares if rivals know the tweak, isn't the competition about who is the better OCer? Not who knows more about software? Give me a reason to bench Catzilla Slinky!
  9. DavidLuke - FirePro V4800 - 0 marks 3DMark - Time Spy

    Yes the graphics tests ran, however your cpu test did not. I've had this same issue and contacted 3dmark about it. The issue is that the test will not run without the ssse3 instruction, which k10.5 arch does not have. But what do I know?
  10. bolc - GMA 3100 (G31, G33, Q35, Q33) - 30093 marks Aquamark

    Thanks! I'll try some different things out then.
  11. What tweaks did you use? I'm getting half the gfx score with seemingly the exact same settings and driver on that board.
  12. SniperOZ - Celeron G470 @ 2224MHz - 82 marks XTU

    Gonna have to bin boards before I even get more cpus, current board seems to max at 109.9