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  1. Illegal moves

    You cannot core down. You can unlock hidden cores to core up. You can disable cores for a higher overclock in single threaded benchmarks and CPU MHz validations.
  2. GPUPI - 2.3 not recognised

    I believe 3.1 and 3.2 are now the only accepted versions that can be used.
  3. There wasn't any. It was implemented just like 3.3 was.
  4. GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    2 GPUPI benches is ridiculous. Nobody will ever bench the old one again with the newer, easier one out. It will be a dead bench.
  5. What are the current accepted versions then please?
  6. If the bad examples were dealt with originally, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Matter of fact, if they were dealt with now, we wouldn't be having this discussion either. Fact is, it was let slide, so now it's only fair to let the others slide.
  7. I will cite XTU again. Where was the effort there?
  8. How about 3 then. x265 ver.2 from ver. 1.2 was a huge increase also. Consistency.
  9. GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    I have to agree. GPUPI is no different. Sorry, but that's the way it goes. Consistency is still going to be a problem at HWB?
  10. Facebook integration to be removed from HWBOT?

    Lol. 2 1/2 years till next election.
  11. What are you listening to ?

  12. Epox 8RDA3+ PRO / 8RDA6+ PRO Moded Bios

    Shit. Try these. 8RDA6+_PRO_TaiPan_0.1_E4_ED_Bpl_3.19_17.01.zip 8RDA6+_PRO_TaiPan_0.1_E4_ED_Bpl_3.19C_18.zip
  13. Epox 8RDA3+ PRO / 8RDA6+ PRO Moded Bios

    8RDA6+_PRO_TaiPan_0.1_E4_ED_Bpl_3.19_17.01.05.rar 8RDA6+_PRO_TaiPan_0.1_E4_ED_Bpl_3.19C_18.01.05.rar