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    Some pics n' vids. Day 2 opener: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819135754840643/ Day 2 Competition start: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819513821469503/ Comp x265-1: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819521004802118/ Comp x265-2: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819525494801669/ Comp Semi-final: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819530968134455/ Competition final: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819939618093590/ Unfortunately, a lot of my vids have disappeared from fb (First time live streaming so likely user error). Hopefully others share more, Corsair will be putting out a few at some point. Thanks again for everyone who made it this year! -Stefan
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    You should change your name to dice vs ln2 :) As you can see it's not as easy working everything out as it might seem. Now let's see the real switch to ln2 and some proper 3D benching! That's where the fun starts.
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    If You have encountered @Luumi wrote on ROGs page: "Thanks to Dartmaul I sorted out the problem with HWBOT Unigine. So for all you who are getting run-time errors try this: Open Region and Language format (Control panel > Clock language and region > Region and Language > Format > Additional settings) and set "Decimal symbol" to "." (dot)." I'm from Poland and there was a coma "," in the setting. It solved my problem with this Benchmark. Cheers.
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    Legend has it your Pi times will be greatly improved with the use of this mystical fish. 😂
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    You can stay in my spare bedroom
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    The admin page went down for some reason and I cant update / edit anything. I hope Frederik will fix this soon.
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    [quote] You jump started the thread , making it the official bonus round thread ... and you dont have any answers ? Just questions and remarks ? Since you decited to open up this thread , why not prepare a basic description in your opening post ? What's this bonus round for ? Which is the hardware allowed ? What are the stages ? Wallpaper ... and so on. Have a look at the other official round threads of this season. [/quote] Why the moderators do not track the beginning of each round and in a timely manner do not create a discussion with a description, a wallpaper, etc. I needed a wallpaper since there was a little LN2 and it was necessary to get basic results.
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    TY! I thought I was at maximum hype already, however I was wrong. I am now at maximum hype. All aboard the hype train! CHOO! CHOO!