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    Country Cup will happen... but no Aussie participation this year, IPs and accounts will be blocked... so no need for internal war New rule to be added , only members who participated in Team Cup can submit to Country Cup....
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    No laptop crap... forget it guys...
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    Current OC has taken of who can spend the most to a ridicilous level, this is what I try to keep under control for these competitions like TeamCUp and co from now on...
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    The online qualifier is open to all HWBOT members and will be hosted on OC-ESPORTS by HWBOT from October 15th to November 10th. The contest will involve the following stages: Contest Stages: Stage 1: SuperPI 32m Stage 2: Memory Frequency Stage 3: GPUPI-1B Stage 4: 3DMark TimeSpy Extreme, GPU score only Stage 5: 3DMark TimeSpy, GPU score only To enter the competition, simply submit your best benchmark scores on the contest page. The twelve contestants with the highest overall points will each win a ticket to the GALAX GOC 2018 Grand Final live event in China ( date to be confirmed) Note: In case of an overall tie, 3DMark Time spy is the first tie-breaker followed by Memory Frequency. Points Calculation for each Benchmark: The top score to the lowest score will receive 50, 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28 and so on Five benchmarks total = 250 points Hardware to be used: Only use Intel Core i7- 8086K or below), retail only Galax HOF OC Lab Edition 2080ti single card, retail only Galax HOF OC Lab Edition DDR4 4600 CL 19, retail only Z370, Z270 or Z170 RETAIL Platform motherboards CPU and Uncore Freq. will be limited to 6ghz +/-10MHz No limits on VGA overclocks, system memory clocks or cooling You can learn more details about the rules and restrictions here on the OC-ESPORTS contest page: https://oc-esports.io/#!/round/galax_goc18_qualifier or https://hwbot.org/competition/galax_goc18_qualifier
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    For sale my latest unit , i build this unit specially for X299 HEDT intel platform and what will come , this unit is a beast , builded like a panzer for war... is not an ordinary unit , added some feature that no other phase change use .... first and most important feature is his evaporator , that is an TWIN loop evap over 1 kg weight made from ETP cooper, it use 2 independent internal loop , it use 2 expansions valve ( cap tubes), they are independent and they evaporating independent into evaporator, also this unit use 2 dryers (one for each XV) and a liquid line reciever ...witch at hight load help at codensor cooling capacity ... compressor is an 2HP rotary with ~ 40ccm ...it sit on the springs not gumy legs ,the most intresting thig is that use an liquid injection port , so this compressor will be never overheated even if you use an 7980X cpu agressivley overvolted , it has also external overload protection ...that is a nice feature of this Sanyo compressor . unit has also an cut off switch witch is programmed to cut off power of compressor if discharge pressurre exced 20 bar....witch i think will never happend ...because this unit hold 800w heat easy! used on my 7920x , witch is an decent clocker , not an golden ....it can be overclocked easy to 5500mhz on this unit , at -50 evap temp at 1.5vcpu because his square evaporator , bench rig/platform need to be rotated at pom eclosure holes! price 1050 euros without shipping payment via paypal , bank transfer .. unit will be shipped only EU , because of his weight picked up personnaly will be favorit..if not need to quote for shipping cost first! , unit use 230v/50hz compressor with schuko power cord connector!
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    Testing out some new modules 4000 vs. 4133 tight.
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    Back on track, if you have inputs on what to bench, plz chime in... if its for another flame war one tip: download the GRINDER APP and post pictures :p
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    Hi, to everyone. Bug report and sorry if I repeat it but as far as I read from the previous posts nothing relevant found. So, its about "venice" core stage. wprime 32m bugs and reverts with errata scores. In my case, with cpu speed of 2805 gave me once a score 23.156 sec while the correct score should be 55+ sec or so. If you are not look the monitor during the bench and you do something else and you come back after a while you are surprized If you look the monitor you notice that in e.g. 38% program exits the bench and records the result of 38% as final. This can potencial give "bugged" scores undetectable if this will happen during last calculation loop and will have 2-3 seconds better score. At the moment I see no issue with the uploaded scores, so may this happened only to me, so, everybody be aware. Videos and screenshots from my side are available if you need them.
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    Was just thinking about this, on the old forum you could click on a link in the result discussion page and it would take you to the actual result page. Is it possible to have this added again or if this is already a thing can someone point out to me where it is as I don't see it Going to the bot and manually searching for it is a bit of a pain...
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    Enjoy 7.51F PS this one's 8 core ready. Z17MOCF7.51F_CFL.bin.zip
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    Nope no ES, retail hardware only... not gonna happen on my watch
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    @suzuki your unit will hold easly 10-12 core cpu , because it will be used an 30ccm reciprocationg compressor -this will be an powerfull and silent unit, large condensor ( dual fan)aswell and some feature added to be a specially unit ! your will be my last unit builded ....i´m out from oc and phase build!
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    sorry to jump in but do you have the money for it and you want to buy it or just curious?
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    Finally i fixed the error. For you guys having this same error while running 3dmark vantage. The fix is to completely uninstall the benchmark run cccleaner and clean the registry then go to C:\ProgramData\Futuremark\3DMark Vantage\cache ( you can copy and paste this into the search bar ) , remove all the entries in that folder ( empty completely ) , re install 3dmark vantage and run as always , if by chance you get that error again rinse and repeat the same procedure as vantage has the tendency of corrupting the shaders cache files. ( do not forget to clean the registry and the vantage cache ). I hope this helps anyone with this same problem " error " i was having. Kind Regards: Chispy
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    works perfectly fine
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    Thank you so much my friend , i will PM you my information. Glad to see you around bro .
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    George take it waiting the payment
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    euh if we allow only retail hardware it means we don't allow usage of the heavily debated Z270/370LN2 boards right ? Or am I missing something here ?
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    Hiya chispy! I've got an extra, just cover shipping and it's your's man. There are 2 versions, may have an extra of each but please let me know which one or if it matters to you.
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    A prize for the best rig pic.
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    K it will be 10 stages, 5 stages 2D and 5 3D... 3-5 scores per stage my biggest concern is do we allow Titan/RTX series yes or no
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    For sale is single stage cooler with 20000 btu rotary compressor. Unfortunately buyer haven't picked it up, so I have to make a listing here. It will be my last cooler, I run out of gas and I'm not going to buy a new bottle. All parts are of course new, quality as always Picture on load tester means holding 400W dummy load with -47C on evap top and around -31C on the load tester (probe between the heaters). I think delta can be lowered using better thermal paste than MX-2. Unit can hold 400W in constant load and more for benchmarks. Normal price will be 750 euro, I'm looking for 700 euro including GPU mounting kit (which costs 40 euro itself). So it's 90 euro discount. Local pickup in Poland welcome (Silesia region, near Czech and Germany border), I can drop a price to 650 if unit will be picked up personally. Shipping to EU only, cost around 100 euro, depends on location. I'm going also to sell the load tester with regulation 150-600W if anybody is interested at example for cooler/water blocks testing.
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    1.Skt 775 3dmark2001 any video. (5 different ogenerations) 2. Skt 1366 Vantage Amd or Nvidia ,capped or not. 3. Skt 1156 spi32m (5 different cpus). 4. Some sandy/ivy love .
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    I cant post screenshots yet do you have a link to PCIE issues? Maybe that is an issue from a non official bios?
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    How can you tell? Latest rumours say you abandoned Intel and became expert and follower of AMD which you love with all of your heart ❤️
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    Neil's speciality is the benchmark that takes 45+ mins to complete so he can watch F1 while pouring every 20mins. So a stage like that would be great? Maybe amd 32m full out?
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    Consider it done, but on windows XP plz
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    you guys have been doing a great job over the last years, except for 3d11 on vega, that sucked!
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    One day you have to make a topic to show your collection :D.
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    Come on brother Give the kid a break, lol... Dreaming does not cost anything.
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    The benching relevance is closer to PSC than you might think for 32M and better than PSC for certain things that scale with memory mhz. Take a look at the Haswell 5G tweaker challenge, it illustrates this perfectly: http://hwbot.org/competition/haswell_5g_tc/stage/2871_5g_superpi_32m There you can see I am running Dice PSC 2720 7-11-7, I could have tweaked a bit more maybe but my effi was decent. There are two people who beat my score by using air cooled Samsung memory.
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    Did a little eff testing today on the 955 amd, is ran on single stage -30 and memory are 1.83v set bios....will run on ln2 next time refill, should see good boost when push the uncore more
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    Adding: Arctic Cooling P311 Bluetooth headset PINK - open box - 5 eur (This is perfect to troll a friend xD)
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    Just selling my ASRock Z170M OC Formula again. Bought it just end of August on hardwareluxx.de from "symerac" (he had it listed here as well). It's hardmodded (SKT_OC to GND) und 7.51E Bios Bios with CFL 6C/12T installed. Works like a charm. 2Pins are burned already so no further mods required Board comes with box and all accessories. Sold as it is. Item Location: Germany This is a private sale. No warranty or returns.  Not available any more As It's my first sale here, please see my listing on hardwareluxx.de (same account name) I was able to get some nice runs with my 8700K under water:
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    Dont sell it for cheap, i suppose ppl will start buying it again after 9000 series release😁👍 On ebay its one atm for 300 eur: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ASRock-Z170M-OC-Formula/273478793002?epid=1373138850&hash=item3fac9b372a:g:hGIAAOSwa6ZbqXQ4 And also Nik sold one last week for same amount. And to be honest it totally worth every penny if its about bdie oc. Consider it as a free bump
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    Boy those take me back. Wish you success on the sale!
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    Nothing a voltmod can't fix 😛 But it also needs ocp, vdimm, nb and, sb mods to really shine. A good sample AN7 or NF7 with modded bios is on par efficiency wise and easier to work with. More reliable, too.
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    We have in house comps at W9. You are more than welcome to participate for the fun of it. No pressure, no points no BS. Just fun.
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    ...And I'm actually mad about this. Random used kit I got off eBay like last year that I barely touched until recently.
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    Think I've missed GOC so this is a silver lining.
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    lo all, I've been charged to sell Gamer's hardware, first up some working motherboards (tested for booting into bios) VGA's will follow later. Boards only, no accessoiries ASRock 4core Dual sata2 fully modded!!: price 50 euros ASUS A8N SLI Dlx: 35 euros ASUS K8V SE Dlx: 30 euros ASUS P4C800 E Dlx: 50 euros ASUS Maximus Formula: 75 euros Gigabyte 790X-UD3P: 45 euros MSI K8N Neo FSR v2.0: 35 euros Non working motherboard: (ask for pictures if interested) ASUS Commando (stuck at CPU INIT): 15 euros ASUS A7N8 DLX: 10 euros Prizes exclude shipping and are negotiable
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    From what I've seen comps are about both, much more so than just the normal hwbot leagues, that's kind of the point.
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    Very good price for that gtx285 ,too bad you are in USA. gl with the sale.
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