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Found 2 results

  1. Cinebench tweaks

    Does anyone have any efficiency tweaks for cinebench to share? I've been rerunning all day and even with a higher oc I can at best match the score of someone with a lower OC so obviously something is messed up with my efficiency. Does anyone have any favorite tips or tweaks that they like to run for the maximum pts in cinebench?
  2. Im sure Im not the only one that got huge problems when it comes to the final part with the screenshoot, and this problem is always due to the same programe CPUz. First window always opens up nice but to get a second window is a pain in the ***, to not mention those times when you need a third for the motherboard aswell! How about some Mutex Locked for half an hour before it magicaly works? I got the same problem on both my socket 754 system and 775 system, both with winxp and win7 x64. So whats the secret to open multiple seasons of this program for those screenshoots?!