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Found 1 result

  1. This is an ever evolving checklist I use after a long hiatus from our beloved Super Pi, 32m in particular. I thought I would create and share this here because I spend way too much time passing this knowledge onto newcomers to our community who may or may not be in it for the long run like many of us. I also hope to keep this bench alive in some shape, form or fashion as long as possible and I know just how frustrating all of this can be. Even what I now consider the "easy stuff". Cheers ! Super Pi 32m is best ran on a stripped version of Windows XP. There are many versions going around, ask a teammate if you are unable to obtain one yourself, (2 images included below, requires Ghost32 or Acronis True Image) as well as guides for stripping it yourself using NLite and then optimising further once installed. There is a couple pictures in the ERam cheat sheat link below to help you with "In OS" optimising. Hirens Boot Disc includes Norton Ghost and here is a cringe worthy YT video I made a while back showing this procedure as well as a link to grab it yourself http://www.hirensbootcd.org/files/Hirens.BootCD.15.2.zip https://youtu.be/N-eTaJUaZdk And another by a teammate of mine showing a slightly different method for Skylake https://youtu.be/wgS-3iIMvLE The .GHO Image thread itself System for superPi 32m/1m by Perica_barii http://forum.hwbot.org/showpost.php?p=354591&postcount=1 Install ERam if not already done on XP Image you are using E-Ram download link: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/ERAM220.rar E-Ram cheat sheet: ERam Install notes After E Ram installed, click on my Computer and you'll see "Z drive" OCX SuperPi Tweaker (Copy-Waza) http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/OCX%20SPI%20Tweaker%201.0.8.rar Drag Z drive to desktop (copy) Now drag "to eram" folder (super pi) to Z drive on desktop open that Z drive, open "to eram" folder in z drive right click drag super pi to desktop to create shortcut Open the Super Pi in - to eram folder grab bottom right corner of super pi window and pull up and left until you only see top bar with super pi logo and Super Pi / mod 1.5 XS Hit Alt C (for calculate), then hit Enter 3 times. this runs 16K do this like 15 times to get good score, close super pi and restart computer Drag "To Eram" to "Z drive" on desktop, Open Shortcut you made before restart and run 16K once. Now click Alt C, down arrow until you get to 32m, hit "Enter" ONCE only You'll see screen that says "Hit Enter to run 32m" just leave it alone or move to side Open OCX Pi Tweaker Open Task Manager (Ctrl Shift Esc) Details Tab, right click SuperPi, set Priority "Realtime" Right click Super Pi again, go to "Affinity" and have checkmark only in cpu core box "1" Core 1 is not always fastest or highest clocking, for best results try all 4 (core 0/1/2/3) If core 0 or 1 is best, set bios to 2 cores HyperThread Off If core 2 or 3 is the best core (Highest stable OC) then set bios accordingly; 3 core HT off, or all 4 For Services I like to use the minimum possible Keep only "Plug and Play" and "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" Disable "Shell Hardware Detection" "DCOM Server Process" "Event Log" (Event Log disabled makes boot slow so somedays I keep it enabled) Run Waza with OCX SPI Tweaker V. 1.08 For Z87 / 97 / 170 / 270 a good starting point is Set like this: Size in MB "1200" Super Pi partition "C" Second partition "D" Single file size in KB "1024" Check box next to "CDT" Sleep Period "0 sec." Click "Run" Watch Task Manager "Available Memory" and after OCX Pi tweaker finishes and closes itself keep watching mem, It will be rising and when it gets to 520000-540000 it will slow down/stop rising Close Task Manager Hit "Enter" to run Super Pi, you may have to click on window that says "Hit Enter to run 32m" with the mouse so it's active. Sit back for just under 6 minutes and watch your hard work - Go to Work ! # Additional Notes / Troubleshooting: Thank you Splave, l0ud_sil3nc3, BarboneNet, Perica Baril, CL3P2O and the rest of the OC community for documenting this info across the web so I could read and try !!! * Don't Forget to make sure your OS is prepped properly. Go to system>advanced>startup and recovery: Edit, add to... / maxmem =600 / no execute memory protection * eram = minimizes loop times early in bench, good for small gain or increase in efficiency maxmem setting for OS = super important.. values from ~580 - 650MB work well depending on Wazza size used, you may notice better times with one vs. other * wazza can also crash the bench when youre on the edge of stability.. starting small with just d->c , then building wazza to c->d->c works well for avoiding errors..sometimes with very tight settings its impossible to run very large wazza * pi.rec file = SAVE YOURS! All pro 32m benchers have their fastest 32m run saved for the purpose of keeping the pi.rec file that is created during the bench. While somewhat placebo.. its how you get very tiny opening loop times (delete existing and copy your saved pi.rec file into bench) *Drivers:There is no need to install MEI or Chipset, but if you do you can install manually via device manager. Thanks to Splave I know that Chipset=smbus and MEI=PCI Simple communication *Wahaha: I do not personally use Wahaha!, (another way to raise available ram). I find that it throws my start time off, meaning the time I hit enter to start 32m because it doesn't work hand in hand with Waza. Eram seems to work on all platforms pretty consitantly, but what counts even more for eram fast start is when you are waiting for avilable mem to rise exactly when you close task manager and hit enter to run 32m *Pay attention/ follow steps to a tee. A lot of people are doing something wrong with eram too, you should always open eram in control panel after setup or perica .gho install and set by hand. I just change size from 25000mb to 100000 and click modify before restarting comp you then need to open eram folder and double-click autounattend 2 times then restart *ctfmon: Same with new task in task manager, go to file, new task, type ctfmon then enter. You must do this twice to make sure ctfmon automatically starts with windows. This also helps fast start, it's a combination of ctfmon, eram and waza These things all make a difference and the only way to come close to matching top guys efficiency *OCX Pi tweaker: For waza I don't usually use OCX Pi tweaker simply because it was made for people who do not understand what they are trying to accomplish. Thats why there is the timer and auto close features. If you just create waza files one time in OCX Pi tweaker you can simply open C and D and copy those files from C to D, D to C, C to D or however you want. Just make sure you test just C to D or D to C solo because one way is faster. When you know that, then you should copy that more than the other such as start and finish with it, like in the first example or switch it up with something like C to D, D to C, C to D (twice) and so on https://barbonenet.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/how-use-my-xp-spi-os/ Barbonet Wanted XP OS for SuperPi • Open toeram folder, double-click SuperPi • Shrink pi window, run 16k till best time (5g is .06x s) Create Drive D for waza Start, Control Panel, Admin Tools, Comp Manegement, Disc Management, New Partition>Letter D, Perform Quick Format Open drive C, Waza. Copy Pagefile.rar, Paste 9 times (1.25gb) Back to C, Copy this Waza folder Paste to drive D Disable a few un-needed services Start, Control Panel, Admin Tools, Services Keep only "Plug and Play" and "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" Disable "Shell Hardware Detection" "DCOM Server Process" "Event Log" (Event Log disabled makes boot slow) Restart Computer OS was designed to not use mouse to run SuperPi, so keyboard only from this point on. (Except for shrinkin SuperPi window, Barbonet any idea about this ?) ToEram folder, ctrl C Eram, enter to open. ctrl V to paste ToEram inside Eram Alt F4 to close window Move to RUN.bat, press enter to start waza batch file Press any key to continue..... After it finishes wait 90 seconds Then time for SuperPi, shrink Pi window, run 16k several times and finally 32m After 32m finishes, Ctrl shift X to open explorer File, New task, type: "explorer" Right Click on bottom Windows Bar, "Tile Windows Vertically" Now open CPU-Z Windows, make sure proper background is showing (for Comps etc.) Take SCREENSHOT Original Thread from Overclock.net HWbot Team - Page 474