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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all Creating this thread for support and feedback regarding the [DIY] 360 Radiator Horizontal Stand. The [DIY] 360 Radiator Horizontal Stand build log and sources are available at https://openbenchtable.com/community/diy-360-radiator-horizontal-stand/ Source files include 360 Radiator Horizontal Stand for OBT v1 and OBT v1.1 Tested and produced - 360 horizontal stand 360 for OBT v1 Untested - Designs for OBT v.1.1 Notes: Looking for OBT v.1.1 owners to volunteer to test the 360 designs for v1.1. Source files also include untested designs for 420, 480 and 560 radiator sizes for the OBT v1 Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 master file allows users to change the horizontal stand and grill pattern if they wish. Prototype for untested designs for OBT v1.1 and 420, 480 and 560 radiators: Print without scaling or at 100% scale in thick paper: match the radiator and the horizontal stand holes. match the horizontal stand and the OBT holes. If all is well please reply and publish pictures of your build in this thread. Keep on pushing!
  2. So, some background. I did two years of electrical engineering at university before switching to computer science. As a result, I know a lot of engineers. One of them built himself a furnace for melting down aluminium cans, which we've used a few times with steel crucibles - unfortunately, steel crucibles don't last very long as they get pretty hot and deform easily. Yesterday we went out wombling (collecting bits of litter that could be useful, for non-brits) and got a boxful of crushed aluminium cans which we'd hoped to melt down using a fancy new graphite crucible. Unfortunately the fancy new graphite crucible had been left outside in england, so it was soaked through. (if you're wondering, I'm holding the camera). Ah well, you live and learn. Fair warning, there's some swearing in the video. I'm still hoping to do my first casting soon, though a new crucible will take a couple of days. The ultimate goal is to make my own VRM/VRAM heatsinks, and hopefully my own (admittedly fairly rubbish if they're aluminium) DICE/LN2 pots as all the commercial ones are really expensive by my standards but I want to move up to apprentice asap after I graduate from rookie league. If anyone's interested I'll happily write up the full process from furnace making to casting once I have something to show for it worth writing about