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  2. Screenshot requirement

    Can it become a rule that all screenshots must be unedited - showing the full screen? It seems pretty apparent to me that some people are "bypassing" the OS rule by just cropping screen shots to hide the giveaway details that show they are on Win 10 when it is illegal? (i.e. on Ryzen)
  3. This was the waterblock used at the Cinebench R15 28-core intel demo a couple days ago? 😮
  4. I'll be coming as well. Going to be staying with that @yosarianilives guy, hopefully he's not a psycho or anything Nick : Niobium (Still waiting on a name change request, not like the bot has been busy recently or anything ) Profile : http://hwbot.org/user/niobium615 Team : /r/overclocking Do we need to bring an empty dewar to run LN2, or is that all sorted?
  5. Most sexiest and powerful waterblock ever built. SLINKY PC LGA3647 was INTEL cooling choice for 28 core processor at Computex 2018 5.0Ghz with CB score of 7334 on Gigabyte System. NOW $250 + $37 international shipping.
  6. Yup, Corsair is quite good for GPUpi. I've been using them forever
  7. Tnx Ale, it will happen soon :D
  8. Well done! First time sub 15s on AMD
  9. you can try the following guide: Guide Coffeelake on sky/kabylake Board Fixing PCIEX for Coffeelake on sky/kabylake board
  10. I’ll Do What I Can with this profile name.

  11. Hi man, Sale is underway with Razer. Nut let me see if I have some other similar ram if you are not too much in a hurry ? Shipping to Italy would be 6eur not insured not tracked, and 9.5 insured to 45eur and tracked. ++
  12. I have slightly different heatsinks on my Hercules GF3 Ti 500 but they are glued on as well they not the only thing from that era that had heatsinks glued on with epoxy
  13. Let;s see what happening, over or close too 154 fsb i have already run 156/156 motherboard limit in this socket Last stage (stage 4) is the key for winning this stage...
  14. nice!...recupera ln2 che fai i puntoni!
  15. Rule update for GPUPi

    @_mat_ There's an issue with not allowing 2.3.4 anymore. Was benching 980ti and with older drivers 3.x wont work. Newer drivers have cold bug issues but work with 3.x. So we are stuck here... can bench properly with older drivers (cuda 8.) and 2.3.4 but cant submit.
  16. Ola, shipping cost to Italy ? Thanks
  17. U're welcome we make maximus 8 live again !! hha
  18. I would say you can assume the ICs will be the same as normal rgb ram. You also will probably want to avoid these for all but max mhz for the same reason as the normal rgb. Looks like a new hs on an old pcb.
  19. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    This Revision 7 has been a curve ball, we are all adjusting to it. If a fix means breaking x2 other things, then don't make changes Believe you'll do right Leeghoofd & crack some cheaters heads. Sick of reading " how to " in here learning others ____ Do the best with what you have & be honest in your efforts. No more benchmarks losing points OK
  20. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    The 10 bucks debate has been done a few times over the years. Issue is that some just want to pay to keep the site alive, others think they bought a 50% share and start asking for removal of benchmarks, start to interfere with moderation/competition setups,... I need to dig up the thread where you can donate freely to Fred's paypal addy to reduce costs... At the moment the BOT is a ship with major problems and the 3-4 man crew is trying to keep first the boat afloat. Secondly steer it away from the incoming iceberg and last but not least in the mean time still find energy to save some out of the water... Everybody knows what the issues are, biggest problem is how to resolve all these in a short period as possible. Fixing is one thing, though the algorithm and co have become so complex as Strunkenbold explained, it looks more like fix one thing break two... Frederik is trying to get most stuff sorted after his daily job is done and keep this in mind we are all volunteers, doing this in our free time and totally for free... Thx to Michael for helping me out once in a while...

    bump, specially for the X299 OCF
  22. who wants to try run coffelake on the M8i you can try the following flash bios: --> Bios 3801 (Mod Coffeelake Microcode) Nb : Flash bios using CH314a flasher do not try flashing through bios_flashback overalls work well (without any problems) : - IGP working - PCIEX x16 - Overclocking : Ratio Core, Cache and memory (all running normally) For 4core usage (eg: 8350K) do not need mod pin cpu. For 6core usage (eg 8600K and 8700K) need to do cpu mod pin (like cpu mod in MOCF) Here's the submission validation CPU-Z : use 8350K --> http://valid.x86.fr/hmpnfm use 8600K --> https://valid.x86.fr/aa73ih for other submissions can be viewed on my profile : HexaOC Powered By : Hexatekno.com
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