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  2. HWBOT Rev7(.1) point recalculation done

    http://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_for_cpu_-_100m/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_5519&cores=6#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_for_cpu_-_1b/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_5519&cores=6#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_-_1b/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2821&cores=1#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_-_1b/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2715&cores=1#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_-_32b/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2821&cores=1#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/gpupi_-_32b/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2715&cores=1#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/3dmark_-_fire_strike_ultra/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2821&cores=1#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/3dmark_-_fire_strike_ultra/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2715&cores=1#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/unigine_superposition_-_8k_optimized/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2715&cores=1#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/benchmark/unigine_superposition_-_8k_optimized/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2821&cores=1#start=40#interval=20
  3. last hd 6970 lightning sold , thread can be close . thanks hwbot for space!

    Replied. The last air cooled GTX 580 is now sold. Everything else remains available.
  5. haha I just post links my fingers can handle the pressure will start benching on ln2 next week with this
  6. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    In my experience, the rank synchronization is now working better than it ever did in the past years. But in the last 3 months it was pretty non functional for some benchmarks. Like 3D mark firestrike was working quite good but superpi or 3dmark 03 needed manual recalculation. Seems this is a problem since the beginning. I see 10 year old submissions floating around which never appeared in a ranking.
  7. OC Sale - part 1

    ok i buy heatsink
  8. WTB MSI 7970 Lightning

    I dont have one for sale , but i've sent you a link
  9. [FS] [EU] 8700K 5.3 GHz non-delided

    uploaded some quick testing:
  10. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    If i trigger recalculate now than the better submission is ranked properly. I think there was a period of time in March where the best submission logic did not work wel. Does this still occur with submissions made in April?
  11. HWBOT GPUPI 32B Benchmark Validation Regulations

    Report them and they will be taken down. All results made before 3.3 results were no longer allowed have to be manually removed.
  12. HWBOT GPUPI 32B Benchmark Validation Regulations

    Please tell me how, on gtx 1060 tests, the top 2 places are made with version 3.3?
  13. HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    http://hwbot.org/submission/3807142_k.j._superpi___1m_core_i7_8700k_6sec_219ms http://hwbot.org/submission/3757303_alexwu_superpi___1m_core_i7_8700k_5sec_679ms http://hwbot.org/submission/3783335_pyon400_superpi___1m_core_i7_8700k_6sec_272ms Could the engine trigger a recalculation for results with better score than the actual best?
  14. Exactly the same thing as you, man... Mine shows 0 but can't do a recalc since the button is offline.
  15. Request to Recalc My Account

    Wow, I've dropped over 100 places in my league. I also noticed that my Catzilla entry going back months ago has disappeared. Since I can't hit the recalc button myself would really appreciate it if a mod could do it really quick - unless it is a painful process then no worries - but hoping to get some sort of affirmation... Thanks :-)
  16. OC Sale - part 1

    Heathsink is still available. 5870’s are sold.

    PM'd in the ultras
  18. 10K watts not volts
  19. Hi folks! The booking issue has been resolved. Our block of rooms is starting to fill up, we've got 2 left atm. For any of you planning to attend (and stay at the hotel), please make your reservations. They still have availability so I can get more rooms allocated but since I'd be personally be on the hook, will hold off until you give me an idea of who will still need them. As always, if you run in to any event or booking issues, please let me know. Venue, power (10k volts) and ln2 are all set Thanks everyone!!
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