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  2. Country Cup 2018

    I'm no asus fanboi myself as 100% of their boards are chip murderers. However I would take an asus before I'd ever deal with a gigashite POS. Asus boards mostly do what they're told, giga boards just troll you and somehow have even worse qc than snsv (I didn't think it was possible).
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-CH341A-Series-SPI-Flasher-USB-Programmer-24-25-EEPROM-BIOS-Writer-USB-to-TTL-/163008430880?hash=item25f40f4320
  4. Díky :-) Hwbot zklamal, žádná notifikace, o komentáři jsem se dozvěděl až dnes díky náhodě :-D
  5. Country Cup 2018

    Preference ... you see Gigabyte fanboi's. Add a decent Asus is $500AU. You'll have to spend money Ginger
  6. Country Cup 2018

    ASUS boards not available in your country?
  7. Country Cup 2018

    I think you will manage,like the rest of the world :))).
  8. Country Cup 2018

    Well if we cant use Z370 ln2 boards and Asrock havent put out any new MOCF boards for sale...Does MSI have an OC board? I dont know of any other decent Z370 boards.
  9. CPU POT

  10. [FS] cpus, mobos, vgas...

  11. Yeah I was really surprised that a 4 dimmer works this good, can do around 3900 12-11-11 1t if you set it in OS
  12. Intel i7-i9 CPUs

    PM send 😀
  13. [FS] Galax GTX 1080 Ti OC Lab 2770MHz/1675Mhz

    Does this come with stock cooler or just PCB ?
  14. @sabishiihito Do you have an eBay link to such a tool? And I would assume a bios chip puller. Last time I pulled a bios chip without one I bent the pins, but I was replacing it anyways.
  15. HPET timer issues when activated

    would the AMD Dual Core Optimizer be required? AMD utilities page
  16. No board mod but you need an EEPROM flasher.
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