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  2. nobody likes to kill hw, just curious how do we find the limit if everything is running fine until the day after
  3. I just imagine it, what would happen if you put 600A+ through that small poor 7980XE? Even your wire if its not good enough can burn, with that much current flow through small cpu pcb & million transistor in it imagine it what would happen, if it doesnt happen on ryzen then it can be intel cpu consuming so much power to do that, and im aware you know about this. It just doesnt make sense to drop global on X265 if it doesnt even kill amd cpu.
  4. Avexir Unicorn PSC ~ The LAST and BEST

  5. Drop the buggy XTU please , drop x265 4k and the others can stay . Agree with my fellow OCers x265 4k killed one of my cpus recently , meaning no more xtu265 4k runs for me on any hardware. It died exact same way as Allen and George's cpu , bench hard on subsero one day , after running x265 4k a few too many times and i got the score i was looking for happy me , next day cpu won't post 😐 , nada , nothing , dead as fish out of water ...
  6. Hey, x265 encoding is just like your daily converting video, it just works like that, if your cpu died on LN2 most probably because too much current flow on your cpu, and yes cpu doesnt like too much current for long time and probably for short time if you cpu cant handle it anymore. Using it on Ryzen 7 1700X LN2 like 50x run for competition and it mostly survived. It just risk like when you do CPU-Z suicide clock & memory clock with high vccsa & vccio. Just that. And you can disable AVX from OS if you want to...
  7. Well... 1) I totally agree with what @websmile ( Michael ) wrote and I have made the same observations myself. 2) My very good I7-7740X running 6ghz on SS died EXACTLY as @Splave ( Allen ) described, running one single session of H265 - 4K - 2X overkill mode ( 2 runs ). Shut down the system normally, next day I got that wonderful 00 - cpu dead. And it is definitely not 18 or 16 cores where I suppose absolute hell will break loose. So, my 16 and 18 core cpu's will never see H265 4K or even H265 at all, however many points it gives. And since @havli prefers to put things the hard way ( which I like ), I am not prepared nor will I ever be again to lose a cpu ( price irrelevant ) on a benchmark. Unless a sponsor suddenly falls in love with me and starts shipping boxes of FREE cpu's to me. No XTU and no X265 ( for me at least ) GPUPI - 1B is very interesting though. I think it should get globals.
  8. I agree, encoding h265 with avx is very stressful and may simply be the issue here. I can't say if there is a problem or not, not an expert on the subject nor will I pretend to be. Just wanted to include my experience with the subject. The 6700k finished benching fine and was shut down/ warmed up by me, did not realize it was dead until a couple weeks later. The 4770k died the day after heavy 4k testing while checking my temp delta between cpu and pot. Booted into the OS at pot temp of around zeroC / 1.35v core, cpu was dead 30 seconds later
  9. I still think it's not a benchmark problem, encoding to h265 using avx is very hardware stressful. Still hoping to see someone here testing it the way i mentioned above.
  10. The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Feedback for deaf ears: rules re: mainboard tab and sensors tab are just good ol' fashioned retarded. Finally managed to fit it all in my window. Good luck to mods trying to make sure my competition wallpaper is compliant.
  11. FS: 9900K 6820mhz R15

    nevermind found Splave's fb
  12. Also mod overview/guide on the 590. I may buy one for the hell of it.
  13. So Good ! Golden Giga Gummi-bears Gettin it FTW
  14. I believe x265 killed my golden caseking 6700k (#19: 99X1135 HWBOT Prime @ 1.90 V: 6627 MHz* 6th best out of 700 Price: 1000 €) ok part of benching. Then it killed a decent 7700k (L639Fxxx), frustrating but it happens. Most recently it killed my very first golden cpu (4770k L314B105) while benching for Country Cup. No more x265 4k for me on any cpu I care about
  15. Doesn't make a dam bit of difference. I know what my limits are. I don't like to kill any hardware.......especially for nothing tangible, like boints.
  16. I don’t think I was that high. Will be trying again later. Board was complete trash trash on air though, I can tell you that. Struggled to boot past 580 on chips I was booting easy 635+ on the Rampage.
  17. Awesome! What NB volts/temps? I was around 1.7V and not sure on temp -40 to -50C.
  18. Oh. I searched high and low for this baby. Managaed to find 2 (other didn’t make it though).
  19. Hi. I Search the xoc Bios und goc 2016 nvvdd Tool for my gtx1080 Hall of fame Thanks,
  20. Looks as if Gugabyte emtied their old warehouse :D - excellent result
  21. 3dm01 on FM2 AMD vga

    Am I a stupid or fm2 socket is not good for 3dm01 and AMD vga? I run @water and under cold but always stuck at about 65k points, win xp Maybe am3 is better?
  22. Considering Ryzen theoretical AVX performance is more or less half compared to 9900K, I really think it performs well enough in x265. Anyway x265 is what it is and people should either accept it or bench something else if they dont like it. I think it is not such a bad idea to actually have something really CPU demanding that can work on any CPU you can think of (both old an new) and can take advantage of modern CPU instructions too. Recent x265 encoder builds even use AVX-512 to some extent... but this is not the case with HWBOT version and I have no plans to change it. Also interesting fact - at some point there was plan to add 8k preset But ultimately that plan was scrapped and when reading this thread I'm glad it ended like that. I'm really curious whether in the future we will also have similar "killer CPU" complains about new GPUPI (which wil make use of AVX too, IIRC) or Y-Cruncher if it becomes more popular and get attention of extreme overclockers.
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